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Technical Manual Translation  Technical documents can be found in a very wide range of subjects: automotive; hydraulics; engineering (civil, marine, mechanical, electrical); avionics; medical & pharmaceutical (monographs, equipment specs, hardware); the law; information technology; optics; science (chemistry, mathematics, statistics, physics, etc.); high tech manufacturing; architecture and construction. Technical applications would include: commercial agreements; product labeling; scientific reports; statistics and mathematics; patent documents; instruction manuals; warranties; engineering specifications; etc. There's really no end of topics.

  Manuals, almost by definition, are technical in nature as they invariably supply instructions and technical specifications that apply to a particular subject, field, business or profession. Technical manuals are usually intended for distribution to foreign markets. Foreign countries imply changes to technical specifications (electrical standards, building codes, to name a few) not to mention the applicability of legal disclaimers, safety requirements, local usage customs, etc.
We can assist you with the localization of technical manuals and accompanying specifications.
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Accounting translation services  We can source a freelance technical translation resource for virtually any field of computing, including: Theory of Computation; Algorithms; Data Structures; Computer Architecture; Operating Systems; Computer Communications (Networks); Computer Security and Reliability; Distributed Computing; Parallel Computing; Quantum Computing; Computer Graphics; Software Engineering; Programming Languages; Information Science (Databases, Multimedia, Data Mining, Information Retrieval); Artificial Intelligence; Human-Computer Interaction; Computing in Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, and the Professions; and, Information Systems (Business Informatics).
Of course, computing can be identified in other areas that we provide services to. Business; Industry; Government; NGOs. All of these sectors may have specific documentation requirements and related proprietary applications. We are well versed in the handling of information technology language in the context of overlapping jurisdictions. We are also adept at identifying the particular technical requirements of multi-sector and multi-audience assignments. We understand the importance of getting it right: technical language translated into understandable information for any given audience.
Information Technology Translation Terminology Overview
Common computing and information technology (I.T.) terminology & topics translated:
10Base-T · access point · accessibility · Acrobat · ActiveX · ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) · Address · alias · anchor · anonymous FTP · applet · application · ASCII file · AT command set · attachment · authentication · avatar · backbone · bandwidth · binary file · BinHex · bit · blended learning · blog · bluetooth · BMP (Bitmap file - suffix ".bmp") · bookmark · boolean logic · bounce · bridge · broadband connection · browser · BTW (by the way) · buffer · buffered · byte · cable modem · cache · captcha · Carmen · case-sensitive · CBT (Computer-Based Training) · CD-R disk · CD-R drive · CD-ROM (Compact Disk, Read Only Memory) · CD-RW disk · CGI (Common Gateway Interface) · Chat · client · client-server technology · cloud computing · CMS (Course Management System or Content Management System) · Compress · connect · cookie · courseware · CPU (Central processing unit) · CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) · cursor · cut and paste · cyberspace · daemon · database · decompress · defragmentation · degauss · desktop · DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) · dial up connection · dialog box · Dial-Up Adapter · digital asset · digitize · DIMM (Dual In-line Memory Module) · directory · discussion group · distance education · distance learning · dither · DNA (Departmental network administrator) · DNS (Domain Name System) · domain · download · dpi (dots per inch) · drag and drop · DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) · DSTCONS (Distributed Consultants Users Group) · DVD (Digital video disk) · DVD-R disk · DVD-RW disk · EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) · EGA (Extended Graphics Adapter) · eLearning · e-mail (Electronic mail) · emoticon · emulation · encryption · EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) · Ethernet · Ethernet card · expansion card · extension · Facebook · face-to-face · FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) · female connector · field · file · filter · finger · firewall · FireWire · flash drive · flash memory · folder · font · fragmentation · frames · freeware · FTP (File Transfer Protocol) · FWIW (for what it's worth) · FYI (for your information) · GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) · gigabyte (Gig or GB) · GPS (Global Positioning System) · GUI (Graphical user interface) · handshaking · hard disk · hardware · header · helper application · home page · host · HTML (HyperText Markup Language) · HTTP · hybrid learning · hyperlink · hypertext · IBM3270 · icon · ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) · image map · IMAP (Internet Message Access Protcol) · IMHO (in my humble opinion) · Internet · Internet Explorer · Internet radio · IP address (Internet Protocol address) · IRC (Internet Relay Chat) · IRQ (Interrupt request) · ISP (Internet Service Provider) · Java · JavaScript · JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) · justified · Kbps (Kilobits per second) · Kerberos · kerning · keyword · kilobyte (K, KB, or Kb) · knowledge base · LAN (Local area network) · laser printer · leading · learning management system (LMS) · learning object · link · LINUX · ListProcessor · LISTSERV - Listserver · log in - log on · LOL (laughing out loud) · MAC (Media Access Control) · Macintosh (Mac) · mail server · mailing list · main memory · mainframe · male connector · malware · MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) · megabyte (Meg or MB) · Menu · MHz or mHz Megahertz · Microsoft Windows · MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) · MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) · modem · moderator · monitor · mouse · MPEG (Motion Picture Experts Group) · multimedia · multitasking · nameserver: · NAT (Network Address Translation) · network · network adapter · network hub · NNTP (Network News Transport Protocol) · OCR (Optical character recognition · online · online learning · packet · page · palette · parallel port · password · PC (personal computer) · PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) · PDF (Portable Document Format) · peer-to-peer · Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language) · personality · PGP (Pretty good privacy) · Ph (phone book) · phishing · PING (Packet Internet Groper) · Pixel · plug and play · plug-in · POP (Post Office Protocol) · pop-up blocker · post · PostScript · PostScript fonts · PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) · program · protocol · proxy · public domain software · pull · push · QuickTime · RAM (Random Access Memory) · RealPlayer · Record · registry · remote desktop · remote login · RGB (Red, green, and blue) · RJ-45 connector · ROM (Read Only Memory) · ROTF (rolling on the floor) · ROTFLML (rolling on the floor madly laughing) · router · RTF (Rich Text Format) · safe mode · SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment or Serial ATA) · satellite transmission · SCORM (Sharable Courseware Object Reference Model) · screen reader · scroll bar · search engine · secure server · security token · self-extracting file · serial port · server · shareware · Shockwave · signature · SIMM (Single In-line Memory Module) · site licensed software · SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) · snail mail · software · spam · spyware · SSID (Service Set Identifier) · subdirectory · SVGA - Super VGA (Video Graphics Array) · synthesizer · T-1 carrier · T-3 carrier · table · TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) · telnet · terminal emulation · TIFF (Tag Image File Format) · token · tool bar · Trojan horse · TrueType · tweet · twisted pair cable · Twitter · two-factor authentication · UNIX · URL (Uniform Resource Locator) · USB (Universal Serial Bus) · USB port · username · utility · uuencode · virtual classroom · virtual memory · virtual reality · virus · VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) · VPN (Virtual Private Networking) · VT100 · WAIS (Wide Area Information Server) · WAN (Wide Arera Network) · WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) · Wavetable synthesis · WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) · wi-fi (Wireless Fidelity) · wild card · window · wireless (networking) · wizard · WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) · workstation · worm · WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) · www the web (World Wide Web) · WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) · X2 · XHTML · XML (Extensible Markup Language) · zip · Zip drive · zoom

Resume Translation  When you apply for work put your best foot forward and make a lasting impression with a résumé that has been translated by an expert who is fluent in your native language and is familiar with the technical language of the field you work in.

Don't settle for anything but the best and allow us to present you in the best possible light.

Translation Performance Commitment  Our Quality Assurance Means Peace of Mind guarantee is the cornerstone of our commitment to deliver competitively priced services of the highest quality within agreed upon deadlines. Our work is not done until the work is approved by our clients and they are completely satisfied.

The most important words in our customer service language....

We assist clients from across North America and overseas. View descriptions of typical translation, proofreading and editing assignments: Sample translation projects.

Full Privacy and Absolute Confidentiality is assured.

Albany Website Translation  Website Translation and Localization Services for professional accounting practices: We have substantial expertise in the translation of website content. However, our website translation service goes well beyond the translated word. We approach website translation assignments with localization considerations in mind: cultural adaptation (appropriateness); target audience(s); search engine optimization (SEO).

Our objective is to ensure that your translated website is effective in reaching its intended audience, delivers your business message strongly and succinctly, projecting a credible professional image while protecting your reputation.


  Bi-Directional Document Translation Service for virtually any language pair AND profession.

In addition to providing technical document translation services from any language into the English, French or Spanish languages, we can also assist you with the translation of English language technical material into the world's most popular languages: English to Chinese; English to Arabic; English to German; English to Japanese; English to Portuguese; English to Russian; English to Korean; English to Italian; English to Hindi; to name but the most popular among the more than 75 languages that we can handle for you.

Spanish English Internet DictionaryHarrap Spanish-English/English-Spanish Computers & the Internet Dictionary (Harrap Bilingual)

Manual of Business Spanish: A Comprehensive Language Guide (Manuals of Business)

Elsevier's Dictionary of Engineering: In English/American, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese/Brazilian
10, 987 terms
1490 pages in two volumes

Routledge Spanish Technical Dictionary-Diccionar- Io Tecnico Ingles (Routledge bilingual specialist dictionaries) (Vol 1)
This software consists of some 115,000 headwords in both Spanish and English, including 3,000 abbreviations. Terms are drawn from the whole range of modern applied science and technical terminology. This software version, the fisrt of a two part set can be purchased on its own or together, in print version and as a set on CD-ROM. Special attention is given to differences between UK and US terminology, and to Spanish and Latin-American variants. Over 70 subject areas are covered, including in-depth treatment of the more established subject areas such as: transport; physics; mechanical engineering; automotive engineering; electricity; mining; chemistry; construction; electrical engineering; geology; railways; production engineering; and geophysics. It also includes coverage of rapidly developing areas such as: fuelless energy sources; military technology; quality assurance; television; particle physics; space technology; pollution; optics; telecommunications; safety engineering; electronics; nuclear technology; chemical technology; packaging; and computing and data processing.

PowerPoint File 
Legal Translation
  Our PowerPoint presentation translation service is for the translation of information that is set up in Microsoft's software application (i.e. documents with a .ppt suffix). The subject-matter of these PowerPoint presentations that require translating is as diverse as the number of people using the application.
Our translators are equipped with the software and translate the information directly within the application. The finished product is delivered in PowerPoint without additional formatting.
  We assist organizations with legal documentation that requires accurate translation, such as, but not limited to: Contracts, Transfer Agreements, Certificates of Accuracy, Witness Statements, Depositions, Affidavits, Sworn Statements, Trusts, Wills, Articles of Incorporation, Legal Decisions, Court Transcripts, Litigation Documents, Immigration Documents and, Evidentiary Documents.

Related Topics: Notarized Translation; Certified Translation; Official Translation; Immigration Translation.

  Our proofreading service consists of reviewing any text for errors hard copy (written documentation) or electronic (e.g. websites, MSWord files, PowerPoint files).The types of errors we look for include: missing words; typos; spelling mistakes; formatting errors; missing or bad punctuation; etc.

The proofreading service is combined with light copy-editing: checking for grammar; improper language usage; run-on sentences; consistency issues; etc. Our objective is to improve the formatting, style and accuracy of your written material without changing the content.

We provide freelance science document translation services in a city near you:
USA: Akron; Albany; Albuquerque; Anaheim; Anchorage; Annapolis; Arlington; Arlington County; Atlanta; Augusta (GA); Augusta (ME); Aurora; Austin; Bakersfield; Baltimore; Baton Rouge; Billings; Birmingham; Bismarck; Boise; Boston; Boulder; Bridgeport; Buffalo; Burlington; Carson City; Casper; Chandler; Charleston (SC); Charleston (WV) Charlotte; Chesapeake; Cheyenne; Chicago; Chula Vista; Cincinnati ; Cleveland; Colorado Springs; Columbia; Columbus; Concord; Corpus Christi; Dallas; Denver; Des Moines; Detroit; Dover; Durham; El Paso; Fargo; Fort Smith; Fort Wayne; Fort Worth; Frankfort; Fresno; Garland; Gilbert; Glendale; Greensboro; Gulfport; Harrisburg; Hartford; Helena; Henderson; Hialeah; Honolulu; Houston; Huntington; Indianapolis; Iowa City; Irvine; Jackson; Jacksonville; Jefferson City; Jersey City; Juneau; Kansas City; Lahaina; Lansing; Laredo; Las Vegas; Lexington; Lincoln; Little Rock; Long Beach; Los Angeles; Louisville; Lubbock; Madison; Manchester; Memphis; Mesa; Miami; Milwaukee; Minneapolis; Modesto; Montgomery; Montpelier; Nampa; Nashville; New Orleans; Newark; New York City; Norfolk; North Las Vegas; Oakland; Oklahoma City; Olympia; Omaha; Orlando; Philadelphia; Phoenix; Pierre; Pittsburgh; Plano; Portland (ME); Portland (OR); Providence; Raleigh; Reno; Richmond; Riverside; Rochester; Sacramento; Saint Paul; Salem; Salt Lake City; San Antonio; San Diego; San Francisco; San Jose; Santa Ana; Santa Fe; Scottsdale; Seattle; Sioux Falls; Springfield; St. Louis; St. Petersburg; Stockton; Tallahassee; Tampa; Toledo; Topeka; Trenton; Tucson; Tulsa; Virginia Beach; Warwick; Washington; West Valley City; Wichita; Wilmington; Winston-Salem; Worcester
CANADA: Calgary; Edmonton; Fredericton; Gatineau; Halifax; Hamilton; Kitchener-Waterloo; London; Mississauga; Moncton; Montreal; Oshawa; Ottawa; Quebec; Regina; Saint-John; Saskatoon; Sherbrooke; St. Catharines; St. Johns; Sudbury; Thunder Bay; Toronto; Vancouver; Victoria; Windsor; Winnipeg


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